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Posted on 18th December 2007 in Tampa English Tutor

I am an English tutor in Tampa, FL. I know. I know. An English tutor was probably the last thing you were looking for when you landed here at I tutor English.

If you are a student struggling with an English paper or trying to uncover the hidden mysteries of the comma, you have found help. If you’re a parent motivated to see that your student makes good grades in Language Arts, I can help.

I tutor English grammar, writing and generally give homework help to anyone with the desire to work with a qualified English tutor.

How did you get to be a tutor? I was lucky; the force was strong in me. My mother was an English teacher and she passed the writer-editor-teacher-tutor gene to me. Students from Academy of the Lakes, Jesuit, and both the Pasco and Hillsborough versions of the IB program are among those who I tutor.

Several years ago, my wife found me a job tutoring English at Hillsborough Community College. It was great fun, so I decided to become a private tutor when HCC ended their dedicated tutoring program for students with disabilities.

Are you qualified to tutor?  I have a BA in English from Stetson University with minors in history and political science. A job as a freelance copywriter by day… and starting when school lets out…. I tutor English. I’ll do a bit of history and some American Government, but my heart’s desire is to do a few hours of quality English tutoring.

I’ll tutor in your home or at the public library….  Wherever you want your student to learn. Grammar can be exciting, so the library isn’t always best.  Good English tutoring spots include the Starbucks on Fowler Avenue in Tampa and the New Tampa Library.

What will all this English tutoring in Tampa cost me? $30 an hour.

I have lots of happy clients. I have parents that have seen dramatic improvement in their student’s Language Arts or English grade as a result of private tutoring. References available. Current tutoring clients in New Tampa, Hunter’s Green, Cory Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and Odessa.

Feel free to e-mail me at tampatutor at tampabay.rr.com or call me on the Tampa English Tutoring Hotline at 813.787.8959.  Ask for Eric, The Tampa English Tutor.

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