Tampa English Tutor: Five reasons to Hire Me As Your Private English Tutor in Tampa, FL

Posted on 29th February 2008 in Tampa English Tutor

• Tutoring places your child in a one-on-one learning situation. With twenty or more pupils in each period in the typical FL classroom, teachers have limited time to give one-on-one help to a struggling student. As your private English Tutor, I will spend all the time needed to assure that your son or daughter masters the material under study.

• The Tampa English Tutor makes house calls. Most students learn best in an environment that is comfortable. In-home private English tutoring eliminates the wasted time of transporting your child to and from a Tampa tutoring center.

• Private English Tutoring in Tampa, FL from I-tutor-english does not require a contract. You do not need to buy a specified amount of English tutoring to get your child help.

• Online Private English Tutoring is available. The magic of the Internet makes giving feedback on English papers and assignments by phone or e-mail simple.

• Private English Tutoring from I-tutor-English has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’re fully satisfied or the English tutoring session is free.

Call Eric at 813.787.8959 to get your child a Tampa English Tutor.

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Tampa English Tutor Offers Online Help for Written Assignments

Posted on 26th February 2008 in Tampa English Tutor

It isn’t always practical to meet with a Language Arts tutor to get help on English homework. Believe me, the Tampa English tutor knows how hard it is to find an hour or two after a full day of work.

Fortunately, that does not mean that you have to do without help on your written work for language arts or other classes. Many of my clients submit drafts of papers, essays, or other short writing assignments for suggestions and constructive feedback via e-mail.

For any kind of written school assignment, having a second pair of eyes look over your work is very helpful. Even professional writers use editors and proofreaders before their work ever goes to the printer.

Particularly for students who have writer’s block or find writing difficult, a little direction from an experienced writer can make an English or Language Arts assignment much easier. That’s just the sort of thing that the Tampa English Tutor can help with.

As a special incentive to get students and parents to try our services at I-tutor-English, I am offering fifteen free minutes of tutoring help to anyone who emails or calls the Tampa English Tutoring hotline at 813.991.0160 during the month of April.

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