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Posted on 18th October 2008 in Tampa English Tutor

I recently started tutoring a new student from the Hillsborough County IB program and the assessment that we did prior to starting our tutoring together was interesting.

This student and his parents sought my help as an American Government tutor. He was getting reasonably good grades on tests, but he was getting horrible grades on the weekly quizes.

A few questions revealed that he had not always done the assigned reading before hearing the lectures. As a consequence, I believe that sometimes he was unprepared for the pop quizes. Ironically the class is one for which this student has good aptitude and a fair degree of mastery of concepts because politics is discussed in his home.

For survey type courses in high school, I recommend to my students to get ahead and stay ahead of the lecture. To get good grades, you should be previewing the chapters before the lecture and making notes on concepts that give you trouble.

Even for good students, working with a tutor to preview material and discuss it before the teacher teaches it can make a student much more comfortable and dramatically improve quarter and semester grades.

If your son or daughter needsĀ help in American History, European History, or American Government, the Tampa English Tutor can help you. Call me today at 813.787.8959.

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