Tampa English Tutor Gets Good News: Student SAT Score Climbs by 110 Points

Posted on 24th October 2008 in Tampa SAT Preparation

The SAT results just reached a client’s mailbox, and I received a happy phone call.

One of my students for Tampa SAT Tutoring improved his verbal SAT score by 110 points!

He and I worked diligently to achieve those results. I believe that talking about the SAT test and the common test traps on the verbal sections helped him.

Also learning when to guess on the SAT certainly made him a smarter SAT test taker.

I hope a higher SAT score will allow this student to look at a wider selection of colleges and get him an acceptance letter from his first choice.

As a Tampa English Tutor offering help on the English portion of the SAT, nothing makes me happier than hearing a success story like RB’s. He made great strides in Critical Reading and Sentence Completions.

Here are five good reasons to consider hiring me as a private English tutor if you have a student in Tampa who needs help on the SAT or ACT.

Posted by Tampa English Tutor at 10/24/2008 11:24 PM


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