Tampa English Tutor Study Tips #3 and #4: Finding the Right Time and Place

Posted on 28th October 2008 in Tampa English Tutor
  • Tampa English Tutor Study Tip #3 Know Your Productive Times

In my four years of tutoring, I have learned that each of us has our own rhythms and habits. My wife is most productive in the afternoon. If the task is difficult, don’t ask her to do it first thing in the morning.

I work best in the late evening when the house is quiet.  I can write or make lessons plans for students I am tutoring with no distractions.

If you have studying to do for a class, think about when you are most productive.

Are you an early morning person?

If you are, schedule your difficult studying to take advantage of your most productive hours. Get up earlier and get an hour of quality studying in before your day starts. Whatever your most productive times, adjust your study routine to do your most demanding studying then.

If test dates are equally distant, do your studying for your more hated subject first when you’re freshest. That’s a system I have found works for many of my best Tampa English Tutoring clients.

  • Tampa English Tutor Study Tip #4: Finding the Right Place to Study

Give some thought to what you can do to make your study environment contribute to your academic success.

If you are taking AP or IB classes at King High School or Land O’Lakes High School, you need to make your study time count.  You probably know a lot about how to do that.

How much of that knowledge are you putting in to practice?

I meet a fair number of parents who don’t know why their sons or daughters aren’t earning good grades. When we start tutoring, I see a person who tries to study while they keep up on their IMs and monitor caller ID on their cell phone.

Ask and they’ll say, “I’m a multi-tasker.”

No. Not really. Actually, you’re distracted and studying in an environment that’s hurting you.

Why not create a study environment that gives you the best chance of success?
A clean, well-lighted place. A clear desktop. Shut off the distractions and focus your full attention on learning what you’ll need to know. You will be amazed at how faster you learn when you give what you’re studying all of your attention.

Knowing yourself well enough to do the most difficult studying at your most productive times and creating a good study environment are keys to succeeding in King High School’s IB program or as an AP student.

As an English tutor, I apply these tips when I plan time for preparing lessons for my students. If you need English Tutoring, here are five reasons to hire me as your Tampa English Tutor.

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