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Posted on 16th January 2009 in Tampa Reading Tutor

I wanted to share with you the results of our experiment in my household to unplug ourselves from the cell phones, I-pods, and Internet for a day. We joke with one another that we all seem to go into our separate worlds most days. My wife tends to watch television, my step daughter to use the Internet or IM, and I to write a press release or do some online tutoring.

Setting aside Monday to unplug was a really good experience in our family. My wife and daughter played Scrabble. My daughter showed my wife some artwork that she had done. We spent more time talking and catching up. It is strange that the Internet, a thing we all suppose connects us, should also isolate us and reduce the amount of offline interaction we have.

Certainly the glorious power of the Internet to connect us cannot be denied. Tonight, I reconnected with a fraternity brother whom I have not seen for 20 years because he found me on Facebook. He sent me a picture that reminded me of some wonderful times I had as Sig Ep at Stetson University and the good people I came to know in those years.

I would invite you to try the same experiment that we have done. Why not shut off the TV? Why not disconnect from the Internet and spend some time together as a family? Do it one day a week and let me know how it works for you. I liked being unplugged so much, I’m looking forward to Monday night and actually hoping I don’t have to Tutor AP history in New Tampa or tutor English at all that day.

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