SAT Prep for Procrastinators

Posted on 5th May 2009 in Tampa SAT Preparation

Students taking the SAT on May 2 are running out of time for SAT prep. Here are just a few last minute hints:

  • Know when to guess on the SAT — You lose one fifth of a point for guessing, and there are five possible answers. In other words, Christmas tree it and you will get close to a zero. You should guess on the SAT when you can eliminate one answer. You’ll come up slightly ahead. If you can eliminate two answers, you will be way ahead if you guess.

(Hazards of cramming image taken by Jane Doan. See more of Jane's photos in UMJaneDoan's Flickr photostream. Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution only.)

  • Read the directions for each section of a practice SAT test — You won’t have to waste time with the directions on test day.
  • Wear an analog watch and set it to noon at the start of each SAT section — You can easily tell how much time is left without wasting time if you set your watch for noon at the start of each section. The SAT proctors will promise you to tell you when time is running out, but they don’t always do it.
  • Bring a jacket or sweatshirt to the SAT testing site – When I took the SAT years ago, the building was an icebox. I wished I had been smart enough to bring a jacket. I wouldn’t have been distracted by being way too cold. Bring something to eat so that you can eat at the breaks. Don’t count on there being food or vending machines.
  • Don’t stay up the night before cramming for the SAT – Dude, it’s too late to do much the night before. Just get some rest and do the best you can. Taking the SAT with zero sleep is a sure way to lower your SAT score.

If you are preparing to take the SAT at one of the later test dates and live in Tampa, FL, call Eric at 813.787.8959. I will be doing lots of private SAT tutoring in Tampa, Florida for those who want to prepare for the SAT over the summer.

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