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Posted on 27th August 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

As the world’s funniest late night host says, “It’s a great day for America.” When I meet some of the kids that I’m fortunate enough to tutor, I have to agree. As school starts again, summer become fall, and the Rays still may still stumble into the wildcard, why shouldn’t we feel a little bit optimistic about America?

As I sat with one of my tutoring students this week reading an American History textbook, I noticed that the author appeared to go out of his way to emphasize the shortcomings of our country.

Photo by josey showa (say it fast, people..). Licensed under creative commons attribution only. See more of JS's photos in his photosream,

We have fallen short of our ideals, but America is still a great country. A study of history should be balanced, so I  was hoping that the textbook would tell both sides of the American story. We’re only on Chapter 2, so I’m still going to give the book a chance.

Regardless, it’s still a great day for America.

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