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Posted on 9th September 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

Today I tutored one of my favorite IB American History students. Although history isn’t her favorite subject, she put in the effort to learn the part of the chapter we studied today.

Mom asked, “How did you do on the last history quiz?”

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“Eight out of ten. The best in the class,” said the student.

The student was content to measure her performance by how other IB students had done, but her mother pressed her to set a higher standard for herself.

As a recovering perfectionist, this New Tampa History Tutor can appreciate both points of view.

The best score in the class is an achievement.

Nevertheless, I see the parent’s point. So much of how we do in a class is determined by where we draw the “good enough” line. With the rigors of the IB course of study, finite study time may be needed for some other subject. But I admire those students whose standards of excellence don’t depend upon how well others perform.

Where are you drawing the “good enough” line? What do you expect of yourself? What are you willing to accept?
I just finished reading A Message from Garcia. The author challenges readers to push themselves beyond what they believe they can do.

One of the most successful students I ever met told me about surviving a class in high school that featured pop tests. When I hear students grousing about how hard it is to prepare for scheduled tests, I think of his story.

Confronted with an unorthodox instructor, this student dug in, studied like a madman, and succeeded in mastering the material.

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