Tampa SAT Tutor Says Good Luck on October 10

Posted on 6th October 2009 in Tampa SAT Preparation

I don’t know where I first heard this story, but I’m certain that it was in church. The pastor told a story about a man who complained that he was not getting much out of a bible study class.

The pastor asked him this question: “What are you putting in to it?”

As I have worked with students over the last several weeks and months to prepare them for the PSAT and SAT, I have noticed one thing. In nearly every case, the outcome on test day was decided many weeks before.

This summer, I worked with one student who was motivated enough to purchase extra test materials with his own money. He played a varsity sport, but still found the time to meet once and week, to do all of the assignments that I gave him, and to take a full practice SAT every week.

(This image entitled "November Rain" is part of a photo set by revolution. The photos are from a 30,000 km around the world cycling trip taken by two friends from Ireland. Image licensed under Creative Commons attribution only. That's motivated!)

This particular student is taking the PSAT soon. I anticipate that he will be a National Merit Scholar because he has invested the time and the effort to make it happen.

I have other students who simply won’t do the work required to achieve that distinction, although they could attain it.

Before I started tutoring English and history privately, I worked for Hillsborough Community College tutoring students with disabilities.
Some students decided that they couldn’t do the work at HCC because they had disabilities. Others made a different decision.

I recall one student who consistently earned the top test scores in her class despite competing on a playing field that was tilted against her. I saw a 50 year-old man spend hours in the learning lab to improve his reading so that he could thrive in the college classroom.

Although luck has very little to do with the scores that will be earned on Saturday, I wish all of my Tampa SAT tutoring and Tampa PSAT tutoring students good luck. It’s been a pleasure studying with all of you.

If you have not yet taken the SAT or PSAT and need some help preparing, please contact Tampa SAT tutor Eric Anderson at 813.787.8959.

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