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Posted on 27th October 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

I have been working hard to try to find lessons that would interest one of my Tampa Language Arts tutoring students who is a reluctant writer. I  have been hard pressed to find anything that works to motivate him. I have tried having him read selections about sports and his hobbies to get him writing.

This week, I looked at Reader’s Digest Online and found an excerpt of Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man. Creative writing teacher McCourt  describes the many forged excuse notes he received and his inspiration to give his class the opportunity to polish their excuse-writing skills.

Photo by Linda Rose. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only. See more of Linda's photos in her Flickr.

Although I think the mid-lesson visit by administrators to congratulate him on his creativity is blarney, it’s still a fun writing lesson that I intend to try with my student who is a reluctant writer.

I would love to hear from some middle school language arts teachers who have lesson plans that work to get reluctant writers writing.

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