4 Tips to Help Your Child Study Better from Tampa Private English Tutor

Posted on 3rd November 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

If your child is struggling at school, you can help him or her develop more effective study habits using these simple tips:

Tip #1:  Create an effective study environment – A study space should be free of distractions.  Ensuring that the television is off is extremely important, as is making sure that your child isn’t checking email or text messages constantly.  Set up a study area away from the Internet and cell phones.  Set up an uncluttered workspace with a comfortable desk and chair and with adequate light.

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Tip #2:  Make a study schedule – Helping a younger student create a study schedule can be a tremendous help. Some middle school and high school students are hard-core procrastinators with the ability to underestimate time required for any project.  Sitting down with your son or daughter once a week and helping him or her make a plan for the week fosters the kind of discipline that leads good academic performance.  Try to set aside a regular time each week for making the weekly study plan.

Tip #3:  Hold your child accountable – The plan means nothing if you don’t hold your child accountable for performing the tasks that make it up. Creating a checklist and ticking off items as they’re finished can be a great way to make certain each task gets done. Use the online system provided by schools to track your child’s progress and reinforce the connection between good study practices and good grades.

Tip #4:  Provide homework help – Many middle and high school students need extra help from parents.  Because my step-daughter is an advanced math student, she is taking courses that neither my wife nor I ever took. When she had trouble in pre-calculus, we hired an excellent New Tampa Calculus tutor and quickly got her back on track.

If your child is having difficulty in a subject that isn’t your strong suit, you may wish to hire a professional tutor. In many cases, however, you can help your child review and master the material.

Being proactive and determining what your son’s or daughter’s class is going to study next and pre-viewing the material is another way to help your child become more effective at studying.

If your son or daughter would benefit from some one-on-one help, contact Tampa English and history tutor Eric Anderson at 813.787.8959.

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