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Posted on 28th November 2009 in Tampa Language Arts tutors

Even though I make a living as a writer, I don’t enjoy writing most of the time. I wish I did. I like having written, but I don’t like to write.

I was a procrastinator in school. I used to put off writing a paper until the fear of having nothing to turn in motivated me. As I have matured, I’ve learned to begin even when what I write isn’t good.

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Revision is what makes the work of an average writer better than average. Don’t delay beginning because your first draft won’t be a masterpiece.

Begin. Let the words flow without being a critic.

I have a student whom I used to tutor at Hillsborough Community College. He was fun to work with because he could not resist tinkering with every sentence as he created it. I know I do the same sometimes, so my chuckles at his tinkering were motivated by self-recognition.

Write quickly, edit slowly. Maybe these words will help you get started. I hope so.

Eric Anderson is a Language Arts tutor in Tampa, FL. He lives in Wesley Chapel, FL and helps students do better in English and history. Reach him at 813.787.8959.

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