Wesley Chapel SAT Tutor Commonly Confused Words: Canvas and Canvass

Posted on 21st May 2010 in Tampa SAT Preparation

I was working with one of my favorite tutorees yesterday. She is a tremendously gifted student.

At any rate, the lesson we were working on was about commonly confused words. We were using a book (Blanche Ellsworth’s English Simplified) that one of my writing teachers at Stetson used in her expository writing class.

This image licensed under creative commons and taken by PedroRibeiro Simões. See more of his photos on Flickr.

One of the questions concerned the difference between canvas and canvass. Although, I have never seen an SAT question on this difference, I think it’s still worth knowing.

  • Canvas is a type of cloth. The tent was made of canvas. The jeep had a canvas top.
  • To canvass is to visit an area to collect votes or measure support for a political candidate. The volunteers canvassed the neighborhood for State Senator Victor Crist.

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