ACT Reading and English Tutoring in Odessa

Posted on 25th January 2011 in Tampa ACT Preparation

Today, I have a full day of tutoring, I’m helping a home schooled student in Odessa prepare for his ACT and I am helping a student in Cory Lakes create a review plan to ensure that she is ready to take her final exam in Contemporary History.

If you are a student considering taking the SAT or ACT, see a post that I wrote about the differences between the two tests.

Eric Anderson is a private SAT Critical Reading and SAT Writing tutor who lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He works with students in Odessa, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Lutz.. For full details, call Eric at 813.787.8959 or e-mail him at Tampa Tutor at Tampa Bay Dot RR Dot Com.

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Tutoring AP English in New Tampa

Posted on 24th January 2011 in Tampa English Tutor

Today I worked with one of my favorite King IB students to choose quotations from Henrik Ibsen’s play “The Dollhouse”.

We read most of Act I. Picking out the quotations made me think about how artfully Ibsen made the pieces of his play fit together.

Report Card image
This report card image created by Bree Bailey and licensed under CC Attribution and Share Alike 2.0. See more of Bree’s photos on Flickr.

If you are looking for an English tutor for a student in your household who needs to get a better report card next quarter, contact Eric at 813.787.8959.


Chinese Mothers: Eastern and Western Parenting

Posted on 14th January 2011 in Tampa English Tutor

Today, I was bouncing back and forth between sport talk radio and Rush Limbaugh on 970 WFLA when I heard Rush talking about an article in the Wall Street Journal on Chinese Mothers and whether they are superior to mothers in the West.

The WSJ article has elicited a few thousand comments, partially driven by Rush’s mention of it.

As someone who is mostly hired by parents who are recent immigrants, I believe the article is accurate when it notes the difference in how important academic success is in the households of people who parent the Chinese way.

For those interested in the subject, here is the article: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.

Eric Anderson is an English and writing tutor serving Wesley Chapel, Temple Terrace, Odessa, and the surrounding communities. Contact Eric at 813 787 8959 or at tampa tutor at tampa bay dot rr dot com.

Tampa Tutor Commonly Confused SAT Words: Allude and Elude

Posted on 7th January 2011 in Tampa SAT Preparation

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(CC BY 2.0)
To allude means to make reference to.

The speaker alluded to President Obama’s stimulus package.

The noun form of allude is allusion. She made an allusion to the Bible.

To elude means to escape from. The suspects carrying my flat screen TV eluded police. The adjective form of elude is elusive.

Despite the size of my flat screen TV, the suspects were elusive.

Make sure that you know the difference between allude and elude before you take the SAT Reading or Writing sections.

Hey, it’s not my sign. Photo by Foxtongue. Licensed under Creative Commons attribution 2.0 generic license). See more of Foxtongue’s pics in her Flickr photostream.)

Eric Anderson is is a freelance writer and English and history tutor who lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He helps students improve scores on the reading and writing sections of the SAT . Contact Eric at 813.787.8959 or at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com.