Wall of wooden card catalogs at University of Michigan

Tampa English Tutor Tip on Converting Word Files to PDF

Posted on 23rd April 2011 in Tampa English Tutor

Wall of wooden card catalogs at University of Michigan

This card catalog image created by David Fulmer of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Licensed under CC by 2.0

Today, I faced the challenge of converting an article I wrote in Word to PDF, and I was stymied. Totally flummoxed.Fortunately, Google pointed me to FreePDFConvert.com. I may never have to convert another doc to PDF and the one I had to do was two pages, so this service worked fine for me. You can convert up to 15 documents a month to PDF without joining the service. I’m not affiliated with them; I just wanted to give them some love for taking the time to create such a useful free tool.

I would be thrilled to help your child convert his or her C- in Language Arts to an A+. If that’s the sort of help you need, contact me at 813.787.8959 or at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com.


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