Apartment for Rent hanging sign

SAT Reading Comprehension Builder by Tampa SAT Tutor

Posted on 18th June 2012 in Tampa SAT Preparation

“To Rent or To Buy? That is Not the Question” by Katy McLaughlin.


Pre-reading vocabulary:



Broach as a verb (broach the topic)



Tenor (changed the tenor of)


Emigrated versus immigrated



Allusion versus illusion

Apartment for Rent hanging sign

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Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Summarize the article in 3-5 sentences. Include general idea, structure of the article, and tone.

2. What did the writer and her husband think they were arguing about? What did it turn out that they were arguing about?

3. What kinds of evidence does each try to use to make the case at first? How does the argument change when the other couple becomes involved?

4. Why do you think the writer and her husband missed seeing something that she concludes should have been “so obvious”? Do you think the differences should have been obvious?

5. The article’s title is an allusion. To what playwright’s famous lines does it allude?

SAT Reading Comprehension Builder by Tampa SAT Tutor Eric Anderson. Contact Eric at 813.787.8959 or e-mail eanderson216@verizon.net.
Exercise licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only.  Rights to the article belong to the Wall Street Journal and reprint rights can be secured by contacting the newspaper.

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