Literary Devices for the SAT

Posted on 14th September 2012 in Tampa SAT Preparation

If you were snoozing in the back row or day dreaming about a good-looking classmate when your teacher went over literary devices, do not despair.  You can still be ready for the SAT.

If you think that your mother’s Kindle is a literary device, you’re in deep trouble.

Photo of Kindle resting on a bench

Kindle photo created by Michelle from Milano, Italy. Licensed under CC by SA 2.0. See more of Michelle's photos in her Flickr photostream at

If you are a sharp SAT taker, you know that those crazy kids at the College Board sometimes ask questions about the literary devices used by the writers of the long and short critical reading passages.

As a Tampa SAT Preperation Tutor, I have helped students review literary devices so that they get these questions right.

Here are a few resources to help if you need to bone up on literary devices before you take the SAT:

If you are discovered a useful literary device list or a SAT prep guide that has especially clear material on literary devices, please free free to share it in the comments.

To contact Eric for help preparing for the Critical Reading or writing parts of the SAT, call 813.787.8959. He tutors English in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, and Odessa. E-mail him at eanderson 216 at verizon dot net. He also can help your student with college application essays.

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