Australia's Northern Territory from biplane 1929

Tampa SAT Reading Tutor Recommends Mindful Midweek

Posted on 19th December 2012 in Tampa Writing Tutor

One of the very best ways to learn vocabulary is in the context of a piece of writing read for enjoyment. Much of required reading in high school isn’t much fun. I signed up for a free newsletter from Don Kuhl at The Change Companies that is fun to read. Don’s newsletter is called Mindful Midweek.

Australia's Northern Territory from biplane 1929

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The newsletter is billed as an opportunity to “evaluate and recognize how the choices you make each day can bring joy to your life.”

What could be better than that, except perhaps improving your vocabulary while your bringing joy to your life.

The selections are generally short and include a word of the week that is used in context and defined in the margin.

Eric is a SAT English and writing tutor based at a secret location in Wesley Chapel. Call him at 813 787 8959.

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