Student Scores 70 Point Gain in SAT Writing

Posted on 25th November 2013 in English Tutor Success Stories

I reconnected with one of my SAT writing prep clients to help her edit and proofread and learned that she had improved her SAT writing score by 70 points after our work together! She really worked hard to understand the grammar and punctuation rules tested on the SAT.

Congratulations V!


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Pastel of American flag

Tampa ACT Tutor’s Student Becomes US Citizen

Posted on 28th June 2011 in English Tutor Success Stories

A special congratulations to one of my best summer ACT students on his becoming an American citizen. It’s been a long journey for him and his family. I wish him well.

Pastel of American flag







Photo of American flag taken by Jenny Brookins at the Aldersgate Camp and Retreat. Pastel on paper by Mark Waltz (2006). Photo licensed under CC by 2.0. See more of Mark’s photos in his Flickr photostream.

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Tampa SAT Tutor’s Student Headed to Harvard!

Posted on 22nd February 2011 in English Tutor Success Stories

One of my students is going to Harvard University! I am so thrilled for her.

We worked together and dramatically improved her writing score. She is a superb student and will thrive at Harvard. Very few of my students work as hard as she did to improve her scores.

Harvard Hall Cambridge MA
This image of Harvard Hall created by Joseph Williams and licensed under CC by 2.0. See more photos by Joseph Williams in his Flickr photostream.

SAT Student Scores 40 Point Gain on Writing

Posted on 26th December 2010 in English Tutor Success Stories

One of my favorite Tampa SAT tutoring students just got her scores back. She scored 40 points better on SAT writing! She is an exceptional student and already had top scores in math and reading, so the gain in writing is good news!

man standing in tall grass

This image taken by ManojVasanth and licensed under CC Attribution Only Generic 2.0. See more of his stunning photography in his Flickr photostream .

She is looking at University of Florida, FSU, and University of Central Florida and should be a good candidate for admission for all three schools.

I applaud her hard work and dedication to getting in to a top school.

Eric Anderson is a English and history tutor. He tutors SAT English and writing and ACT English and ACT Reading. Reach Eric at 813.787.8959 or by e-mail at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com. He offer college application essay help .


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Tampa EnglishTutoring student gets teaching certificate

Posted on 18th November 2010 in English Tutor Success Stories

One of the great joys of this tutoring is seeing students reach goals.

One of my students set a goal to get her Florida teaching certificate and become a high school language arts teacher.

(Proof that some people are better at body art than punctuation.)

She is on her way toward achieving that goal.

Tonight I helped her create a professional looking resume and cover letter. OK, my wife did most of the work. I did some revisions and the Frau formatted the resume so that it shines.

I wish my student the very best of luck in finding a permanent teaching position.

Eric Anderson is a freelance writer and English and history tutor. He especially enjoys helping students prepare for the SAT & ACT and giving students college admission essay help . Eric tutors students in Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Odessa, and the surrounding communities. Reach him at 813.787.8959 or at eanderson @ tampa bay dot rr dot com.