College Application Essay Help

Posted on 23rd November 2015 in Essay Writing & Help
Image created by Martin Kingsley. See more of his photos on Flickr. Image licensed under Creative Commons

Image created by Martin Kingsley. See more of his photos on Flickr. Image licensed under Creative Commons.

Many of my tutoring clients are coming to me for help editing and reviewing their college application essays. Even if you are not a tutoring client, I offer assistance to students who want their application essays to be letter perfect. Students I have helped have achieved admission to Harvard, Princeton, U of Florida, FSU Honors Program, Penn State and many other competitive colleges and universities. Call me today at 813.787.8959.

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Rollins College Cahill Field image

Tampa Tutor Essay Writing Help

Posted on 18th March 2011 in Essay Writing & Help

This photo of Rollins College’s Cahill Field created by Inazakira and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.  See more of his photos at

I recently connected with a student taking English Composition II at an Orlando university. He found me through this site.

He needed some help reviewing essays and understanding how to translate the teacher’s comments into better second and third drafts. Although most of the writing students I work with are in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, I have really enjoyed helping him by telephone and e-mail.

He wanted the extra writing help because he is enrolled in an extra-heavy course load and working full time and not able to take advantage of his college’s writing center.

I am a freelance copywriter writer and an experienced private English tutor. If you would like to write better or get a little advice on how to improve an essay, I can help you.

Contact me at 813.787.8959 or at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com.

College Application Essay Help Client Gets Nod from Univ of Michigan

Posted on 20th December 2010 in Essay Writing & Help

I received some great news from one of my college application essay writing clients. One of her dream schools is the University of Michigan, and she received the thick envelope from them last week.

She got in!

Photo licensed under Creative Commons attribution only share alike 2.0. Photo by Missy Chaulk

Hearing such good news from her parents is thrilling.

She is an outstanding student and will do well at U of M or any other school that she attends.

Eric Anderson is a Tampa English tutor, history tutor, and SAT/ ACT reading and writing tutor . He serves students in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Odessa, and Carrollwood.

He also offers students applying to college a review of their college application essays by a team of professional writers with a track record of getting to yes with such schools as FSU, UF, Emory, and University of Michigan. The review includes specific suggestions to make the essay better and a check to make sure that the college application essay follows the conventions of standard written English. Call Eric at 813.787.8959.

College Admission Essay Writing Help

Posted on 18th November 2010 in Essay Writing & Help

I have been helping a lot of students write college admission essays over the last several weeks.

With state schools becoming increasingly competitive, any high school senior should do as much as he or she can to ensure a standout college application essay.

This image created by Mike Pecirno and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only No Deriv 2.0. Check out more of Michael’s work on his website at

Most people hate to write. Recently I helped the editor of a high school newspaper write her college application essays. Even though she was used to writing with a deadline, she had a severe case of writer’s block when it came to her own college admission essays.

The advice that I gave her was to resist the urge to revise as she wrote.

Making writing and revision separate steps (as much as possible), she was able to write several excellent drafts.

She also benefited from suggestions from an experienced writer of admission essays.

I have helped students write essays that were part of successful applications to University of Florida, Emory University, Florida State University honors program, and many other top schools.

If your son or daughter needs help writing a college admissions essay , please call the Tampa English Tutor at (813) 787 8959 or e-mail me at eanderson (at)

Open Letter to My Fellow Curmudgeons

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Essay Writing & Help

To those curmudgeons who believe that the youth of today are shallow slackers, I say not so fast old timer.

Things are much better than you think, even though I doubt those kids will stop riding their bikes over that section of grass near your driveway.

Although I mostly tutor reading, writing, and the reading and English portions of the SAT and ACT, I occasionally get asked by nervous parents to review the personal statements and college admission essays of tutoring clients.

If you don’t have a college-age kid, you might not know, but it’s time for seniors to be submitting their college applications.

I’ve been helping a few students contemplate how one of their meaningful experiences can be transformed into a “concise narrative” for the University of Florida and aiding others in grasping how they exemplify the virtues enshrined in FSU’s three-part motto.

My fellow curmudgeons, there is reason for hope for the generation coming of age right now.

I have done my share of worrying about the world they are going into, but reading a few of their college application essays has made me optimistic about their chances of being successful.Open Apple iPad with earphones

One of my students has been part of ground-breaking research in the heath sciences. Another overcame a fear of speaking by becoming president of the speech and debate team. A third lost a relative to cancer and became a leading money-raiser for Relay for Life.

Let not your hearts be troubled.

If your student needs a little college application essay help or just a second pair of eyes to look over a college application essay, call Eric at 813.787.8959.