Why SAT Scores Matter Even More

Posted on 21st December 2012 in Tampa SAT Preparation

I read a very interesting article in The Wall Street Journal today about how state governments are increasingly giving out scarce scholarship dollars based upon merit (The Shift to Merit Stirs Debate). Georgia appears to be the state leading in merit allocation of scholarship dollars.

old stone stairway and arched doorway image

Image by Dynamosquito and licensed under CC by SA 2.0. See more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dynamosquito/

As states seek to meet budget shortfalls, I predict that they are going to make getting state-funded scholarships like Florida’s Bright Futures more difficult.

As a SAT writing tutor and SAT reading tutor, I have helped students get more Bright Futures money by helping them increase their SAT or ACT scores.

The politicians in state legislatures are facing tough problems. We have more government than we can afford, especially if the economy does not grow at a much higher rate.

I think that politicians will lower the costs of these merit scholarship programs in the way that is easiest to sell to constituents — they will raise the required GPA and test scores. Help your student hit a moving target.

Make sure that he or she gets the SAT or ACT scores necessary to maximize Bright Futures.   Let me help! Paying a private SAT tutor for eight or ten sessions is a bargain if it helps your son or daughter hit the threshold for a higher Bright Futures’ award.

Eric Anderson is a Wesley Chapel, FL-based SAT and ACT tutor. He offers in home tutoring to students who want to excel. Call him at 813.787.8959.

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Literary Devices for the SAT

Posted on 14th September 2012 in Tampa SAT Preparation

If you were snoozing in the back row or day dreaming about a good-looking classmate when your teacher went over literary devices, do not despair.  You can still be ready for the SAT.

If you think that your mother’s Kindle is a literary device, you’re in deep trouble.

Photo of Kindle resting on a bench

Kindle photo created by Michelle from Milano, Italy. Licensed under CC by SA 2.0. See more of Michelle's photos in her Flickr photostream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/e-coli/

If you are a sharp SAT taker, you know that those crazy kids at the College Board sometimes ask questions about the literary devices used by the writers of the long and short critical reading passages.

As a Tampa SAT Preperation Tutor, I have helped students review literary devices so that they get these questions right.

Here are a few resources to help if you need to bone up on literary devices before you take the SAT:

If you are discovered a useful literary device list or a SAT prep guide that has especially clear material on literary devices, please free free to share it in the comments.

To contact Eric for help preparing for the Critical Reading or writing parts of the SAT, call 813.787.8959. He tutors English in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, and Odessa. E-mail him at eanderson 216 at verizon dot net. He also can help your student with college application essays.

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Male measuring waist with tape measure image

SAT Critical Reading Skill Builder: New Strategies for Treating Diabetes WSJ

Posted on 12th July 2012 in Tampa SAT Preparation

Here is a critcial reading SAT Skill builder based upon a recent WSJ article entitled “New Stategies for Treating Diabetes” by Ron Winslow.  This exercise is licensed under CC Attribution Only. The article belongs to the WSJ and cannot be distributed without the newspaper’s permission. The photo belongs to Dr. Adrian.

Male measuring waist with tape measure image

This image created by Dr. Adrian Clark and licensed under CC attribution only no derivatives 2.0. See more of Dr. Clark's photos in his Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianclarkmbbs/

Pre-reading Vocabulary

Type 2 Diabetes


Bariatric surgery







Beta cells

Control group

Critical Reading Questions

  1. Summarize the article in 3-4 sentences. What are the new strategies?
  2. What do the new guidelines say about gradually stepping up the intensity of drug therapy to treat Type 2 Diabetes? Is it still the recommended path?
  3. How many Americans have Type 2 Diabetes?
  4. How many may have it by 2025?
  5. Explain why blood sugar is so important to diabetics.
  6. What are the long-term complications of diabetes that is not controlled?
  7. What are some of the side effects of popular diabetes medicines?
  8. Even though diabetes drugs control blood sugar levels, what data do scientists studying diabetes still not have about the drugs used to treat it?
  9. How do the new recommendations apply to older patients, especially those with cardiovascular disease?
  10. If a patient is unable to control his or her blood sugar levels, what are the next two stages of treatment that the guidelines call for?
  11. What happens in the final treatment tier?
  12. What is the problem for patients and doctors who are tying to decide which of the several diabetes drugs to add to metaformin?
  13. What did Lingvay’s study find?
  14. What are some of the problems with it?
  15. If the study’s conclusion is valid for larger populations of diabetics, how might physicians change how they treat diabetics?

This critical reading and vocabulary SAT skill builder created by Tampa English Tutor Eric Anderson. Contact Eric at 813 787 8959 to help your student prepare for the next SAT.

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Apartment for Rent hanging sign

SAT Reading Comprehension Builder by Tampa SAT Tutor

Posted on 18th June 2012 in Tampa SAT Preparation

“To Rent or To Buy? That is Not the Question” by Katy McLaughlin.


Pre-reading vocabulary:



Broach as a verb (broach the topic)



Tenor (changed the tenor of)


Emigrated versus immigrated



Allusion versus illusion

Apartment for Rent hanging sign

This photo created by Cincy Project and licensed under CC by 2.0. See more of Cincy project's photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cincyproject/

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Summarize the article in 3-5 sentences. Include general idea, structure of the article, and tone.

2. What did the writer and her husband think they were arguing about? What did it turn out that they were arguing about?

3. What kinds of evidence does each try to use to make the case at first? How does the argument change when the other couple becomes involved?

4. Why do you think the writer and her husband missed seeing something that she concludes should have been “so obvious”? Do you think the differences should have been obvious?

5. The article’s title is an allusion. To what playwright’s famous lines does it allude?

SAT Reading Comprehension Builder by Tampa SAT Tutor Eric Anderson. Contact Eric at 813.787.8959 or e-mail eanderson216@verizon.net.
Exercise licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only.  Rights to the article belong to the Wall Street Journal and reprint rights can be secured by contacting the newspaper.

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Chart of GPA, ACT and SAT score ranges for Florida public universities

SAT and ACT Score Ranges for Florida Colleges and Universities

One of my favorite ACT prep students shared some information that she received from a friend of hers. As a participant in the AVID Program, her friend received information on the GPA, SAT and ACT scores of students accepted at several  of Florida’s public universities. Anyone interested in these numbers can find them in lots of guides to universities or get them from the schools, but I certainly appreciated getting these key numbers all in a nifty chart.

For those wondering what kind of SAT or ACT scores it takes to get in to a particular Florida public university, here is the chart:

Chart of GPA, ACT and SAT score ranges for Florida public universities

Thanks to SP for providing me with this chart of GPA, SAT, and ACT scores for FL Universities.

If you need help bring your SAT or ACT scores up, call Eric at 813.787.8959. He will help you with one-on-one private SAT or ACT prep at a very affordable cost.

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