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Posted on 10th September 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

I read a recent article by Grayson Kamm of 10 Connects about the rising number of AP students in Pasco County. According to the story, Pasco schools are encouraging more students to attempt AP exams.

Because the AP classes are open to any student who wants to take them, some unlikely students accept the challenge and excel. I applaud anyone who wants to tackle an Advanced Placement class.

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Many moons ago at Chamberlain HS, AP American History and AP European History were my favorite classes because of Mr. Laundy’s love for his subject and students. He was a great teacher and inspired in me a love of history. I also was fortunate to have been taught World History and Speech by Mr. Frank Gregory at Dover High School.

Mr. Gregory was an inspiring teacher. One of his favorite sayings is from Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” I thought he meant that we were going to have a fire drill before 4th period, but that’s another story. Mr Gregory is no longer teaching at DHS, but he still teaches history at Wesley College in Dover.

I did well on AP exams and did get a good chunk of a minor in history from AP credit. Not all schools give credit for a 3, as the 10 Connects article states.

I still don’t  understand why the Pasco schools are moving kids out of honors classes and into AP classes. Don’t get me wrong, I think AP is wonderful, but why is there such a big push to enroll?

For some, AP classes spur achievement; for others, AP classes overwhelm For some students contemplating AP, dual enrollment makes more sense. My step daughter moved from AP English to dual enrollment to take away the pressure of making a score to get credit.  If a student is genuinely capable of college level work, why not just do dual enrollment?

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