College Application Essay Help Client Gets Nod from Univ of Michigan

Posted on 20th December 2010 in Essay Writing & Help

I received some great news from one of my college application essay writing clients. One of her dream schools is the University of Michigan, and she received the thick envelope from them last week.

She got in!

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Hearing such good news from her parents is thrilling.

She is an outstanding student and will do well at U of M or any other school that she attends.

Eric Anderson is a Tampa English tutor, history tutor, and SAT/ ACT reading and writing tutor . He serves students in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Odessa, and Carrollwood.

He also offers students applying to college a review of their college application essays by a team of professional writers with a track record of getting to yes with such schools as FSU, UF, Emory, and University of Michigan. The review includes specific suggestions to make the essay better and a check to make sure that the college application essay follows the conventions of standard written English. Call Eric at 813.787.8959.

College Admission Essay Writing Help

Posted on 18th November 2010 in Essay Writing & Help

I have been helping a lot of students write college admission essays over the last several weeks.

With state schools becoming increasingly competitive, any high school senior should do as much as he or she can to ensure a standout college application essay.

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Most people hate to write. Recently I helped the editor of a high school newspaper write her college application essays. Even though she was used to writing with a deadline, she had a severe case of writer’s block when it came to her own college admission essays.

The advice that I gave her was to resist the urge to revise as she wrote.

Making writing and revision separate steps (as much as possible), she was able to write several excellent drafts.

She also benefited from suggestions from an experienced writer of admission essays.

I have helped students write essays that were part of successful applications to University of Florida, Emory University, Florida State University honors program, and many other top schools.

If your son or daughter needs help writing a college admissions essay , please call the Tampa English Tutor at (813) 787 8959 or e-mail me at eanderson (at)

College Application Essay Help

Posted on 1st October 2010 in Tampa English Tutor

When it comes time for students who I have been tutoring to apply to colleges, my phones starts to ring. I’m not surprised that students who I have tutored in SAT English and essay writing call me for college application essay help.

I enjoy reading the rough drafts of college essays because they highlight the accomplishments of some gifted people.

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Eric is an English and history tutor based in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He tutors students in history, English, and American Government. If your son or daughter needs college essay writing help or a quick review of a draft, contact Eric at 813.787.8959 or by e-mail at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot r r dot com.

Tampa English Tutor Tells Secret of Success in College

Posted on 29th August 2008 in Tampa English Tutor

I have been helping one of my favorite Tampa English Tutoring students do her college applications. Occasionally, I have helped students by reviewing their college application essays or talking with them about strategies to write a good essay on college applications.

This student’s mother asked me what advice I would give to her daughter about doing well in college. That question evokes vivid memories of my arrival at Stetson University as a freshman.

I don’t usually tell my Tampa English Tutoring clients this, but I was a not an especially good student in high school. Basically I got C’s with better marks in my English and history classes, but I decided that I would do whatever it took to be an A student in college.

And no one was more surprised than I when I earned straight As my first semester in college. I went to school before the Internet was huge, so I had to wait for a white envelope to arrive in the mailbox to learn that I was a straight A student!

How did I do it?

I never missed class… okay, almost never,…even my 8:00 am class. Part of the reason that I was such a poor student in high school was that I didn’t attend classes regularly.

The second thing I did was to start any assignment or required reading the day that it was assigned. I had read the material before I heard the lecture.

During orientation, the academic advisor told me to study two hours for every hour I attended class. Although, I am not sure that I did that, I did study enough to do well on all my exams.

I had a regular daily study routine — a time and a place that I would study every day.

I was also fortunate to make great friends who shared my interest in achieving excellent grades in college.

It fun to see a person for whom I have been a Tampa English tutor reach her senior year and apply for college. If she follows the advice about I am sure that she, too, will achieve top marks in college.

No matter where you are on your academic journey, if you need English tutoring, call me at 813.787.8959. I’ll be happy to provide you with excellent private English tutoring in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, or Odessa.

Getting help from a private tutor is among the best ways to improve your grades. Call the Tampa Engish Tutor today!

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