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Posted on 13th October 2009 in Tampa Writing Tutor

I really like Maeve Maddox’s post in reply to an AP English student who wondered where to find time to write is a good read. I think her advice to young writers is spot on. She mentions looking at coursework as an opportunity to write and becoming a critic of the writing in textbooks.

If a section of the textbook drags, why? If another section is interesting, why?

Great questions for anyone who wants to write better.

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She mentions that some young readers have difficulty getting idioms right when they use prepositions because they are not widely read.

I could not agree more. When I am tutoring a student in SAT, I can tell whether he or she has taken a Cliff’s Notes approach to reading assignments. I have a student right now who writes poorly precisely because she used study aids as a substitute for reading the assigned novels in her English class.

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