Tampa, FL AP History Tutor Gives Basic Advice on Writing Better History DBQs

Posted on 26th February 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

This week I took on a new Tampa, FL AP History Tutoring client. He wanted help writing better History DBQs.

For those looking to practice DBQ writing, The College Board has been kind enough to publish a list of DBQs from recent AP European History exams.

For a student wishing to improve DBQ writing, what could be better than working actual previous AP exam DBQs?

It’s a basic tip, but worth any student’s time to examine the AP scoring rubric that is included in the PDFs on the College Board website.

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You ought to take a minute to review the DBQ scoring rubric if you are studying for the AP exam and can’t answer these questions:

  • What is the minimum number of documents that a student must use to get credit?
  • How many documents may a student misinterpret and still score on the basic rubric?
  • What types of bias should a DBQ writer look for in analyzing the point of view of sample documents?
  • How are the points awarded for a DBQ?
  • Must the thesis appear in the first paragraph of a DBQ?
  • Assuming a student gets all of the basic points on a DBQ, what are the requirements for earning extra points?

The DBQs from the College Board website include answers written by students. Studying the best DBQ answer essays and knowing the DBQ scoring rubric are good place to start if you want to improve your chances of writing an effective AP History DBQ. Need more help in AP European or American History? Call 813.787.8959 to reach Eric, the Tampa AP History Tutor.

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