College Application Essay Help Client Gets Nod from Univ of Michigan

Posted on 20th December 2010 in Essay Writing & Help

I received some great news from one of my college application essay writing clients. One of her dream schools is the University of Michigan, and she received the thick envelope from them last week.

She got in!

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Hearing such good news from her parents is thrilling.

She is an outstanding student and will do well at U of M or any other school that she attends.

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College Application Essay Help

Posted on 1st October 2010 in Tampa English Tutor

When it comes time for students who I have been tutoring to apply to colleges, my phones starts to ring. I’m not surprised that students who I have tutored in SAT English and essay writing call me for college application essay help.

I enjoy reading the rough drafts of college essays because they highlight the accomplishments of some gifted people.

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