Tampa English Tutor: Five reasons to Hire Me As Your Private English Tutor in Tampa, FL

Posted on 29th February 2008 in Tampa English Tutor

• Tutoring places your child in a one-on-one learning situation. With twenty or more pupils in each period in the typical FL classroom, teachers have limited time to give one-on-one help to a struggling student. As your private English Tutor, I will spend all the time needed to assure that your son or daughter masters the material under study.

• The Tampa English Tutor makes house calls. Most students learn best in an environment that is comfortable. In-home private English tutoring eliminates the wasted time of transporting your child to and from a Tampa tutoring center.

• Private English Tutoring in Tampa, FL from I-tutor-english does not require a contract. You do not need to buy a specified amount of English tutoring to get your child help.

• Online Private English Tutoring is available. The magic of the Internet makes giving feedback on English papers and assignments by phone or e-mail simple.

• Private English Tutoring from I-tutor-English has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’re fully satisfied or the English tutoring session is free.

Call Eric at 813.787.8959 to get your child a Tampa English Tutor.

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