Tampa IB History Tutoring Success Story

Posted on 19th July 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

I recently spoke to the parents of one of my Tampa, FL history IB tutoring students.

I started tutoring her late in the last school year because she was struggling in the ancient history class that all freshmen in the IB program take at King High School.

For some students, the level of reading required to master the textbook for the course is a challenge.

(Photo of Roman Colleseum by Foodriver and licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0 license. See more of Foodriver's photos in his Flickr photostream.)

At any rate, I heard this week that she did very well in the course. I’m pleased and very proud of her. She is one of the hardest working and most dedicated students that I have ever tutored.

Her results are a reflection of the daily work that she did.

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Tampa IB Student Makes Smart SAT Prep Move

Posted on 9th July 2009 in Tampa SAT Preparation

One of my favorite Tampa SAT prep students is in the Tampa IB program. His summer reading assignment is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlett Letter. I know that I am probably one of the few students who liked the book when I read it in high school. I liked it even more when I re-read it this summer.

I guess that’s why I tutor English.

Image created by Alan Smythee and licensed under creative commons Attribution 2.0. See more of Alan's beautiful images in his Flickr photostream

This student and I had discussed using the book to build SAT vocabulary. He showed me exactly how he is accomplishing that goal. Those cool cats at Kaplan have done something pretty smooth with The Scarlett Letter.

Kaplan has created a version that has all of the SAT words defined on the facing pages. Not only does this help students get the maximum SAT prep value from reading a book that many IB students have to read anyway, but it makes the book easier to enjoy and helps students learn vocabulary in context.

For all of you summer IB reading procrastinators — and you know who you are — go out and get a copy of Kaplan’s version of Hawthorne’s classic. SAT Version of The Scarlett Letter by Kaplan on Amazon. Used ones for a little over $4 so you can spring for the expedited shipping.

Get started today on your summer reading for IB English and get in some good vocabulary building for the sentence completion exercises on the SAT!  If you need help with summer reading or want to use part of your summer to prepare for the SAT, call 813.787.8959 to reach Eric Anderson, Tampa SAT Prep Tutor.

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Tampa IB History Tutoring Success Story

Posted on 30th April 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

One of my students made a dramatic improvement in her freshman IB history class! Her mom found me on the Internet and I worked with her over Spring Break.

Yeah, I know.

I felt for her. It takes some dedication to spend an hour a day reading about the Romans and the High Middle Ages when the rest of the world is tanning poolside and catching up on Facebook.

Anyway, she gradually has improved her grade to a solid B. It was very gratifying to hear her say that “It feels good to be a chapter ahead in history.” From performing somewhat erratically on tests, she has become a consistent high B performer and has a shot at an A in the class!

(Photo taken Woofgang Strautd. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only. See more of Woofgang's beautiful photos of Crete in his Flickr photostream. Below this photo is a good history lesson on Crete.)

One of may mantras is to get ahead and stay ahead. The IB program is tough for entering freshman because the history textbook is above the ninth grade level. It takes reading it with dictionary.com open for some students to decode the material.

And decoding is only the first step toward understanding and internalizing the material….

Because history is the course that requires the most reading in the freshman IB line up, it is one many students find hard. However, making the effort to get ahead and put yourself in a position to hear the lecture with a good basic grasp of the material makes getting a good grade a world easier.

It also takes the pressure off. I’m overjoyed that IB history tutoring in Tampa has worked so well for this student!

If your student is not doing well in IB history or regular American, European, or World History, please give me a call at 813.787.8959. I’d love to be sharing a student success story about your son or daughter in this space.

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