Tampa English Tutor Finds Must Have Toy

Posted on 3rd September 2010 in Tampa English Tutor

I was tutoring a student in Cheval in North Tampa yesterday. He’s a great kid with some very cool toys.

I’ve always been a PC, but I really liked using his Apple i-Pad.

We were working together on a writing assignment that required a little research, and I used the i-Pad to browse the web.

Apple ipad for tampa tutoring blog post

Image created by Chad Kainz and licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic.

Nice. Fast. A lot easier to tote than a laptop.

Having one would also be very useful to look up ISBNs when I’m treasure hunting in used bookstores.

Of course, an i-Pad would be cool to use when I’m tutoring SAT or ACT.

Eric Anderson is a Tampa Language Arts tutor in New Tampa, Carrollwood, and Wesley Chapel. He tutors students of all ability levels. Reach him at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com or by calling 813.787.8959.

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