Private Tutor in Tampa, FL Learns a “Now I do” Lesson

Posted on 3rd March 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

On my step daughter’s birthday, I learned she had been doing poorly in PreCalculus. She’s always been an A or B student and a gifted math student. When she first mentioned that she was finding her homework harder, I offered her an encouraging word about her better-than-average math skills.

She was totally lost in the class. She has been bringing home “refrigerator door report cards” for so long that my wife and I stopped monitoring online grades. But the missing progress report came up in conversation at my step daughter’s birthday party.

“Hey, I haven’t seen your last progress report, have I?”


“You’re doing okay, I mean there isn’t anything I need to know, is there?”

“I’m getting a D in Pre-Calculus. It’s hard. Really hard. The cheerleader next to me gets it, and I’m lost. Can you get me moved out of there?”

Not really. Not in the middle of the third quarter.

I was angry when I overheard this conversation. I ask about my step daughter’s schooling every day.

I had asked about her classes, but I wasn’t tuned in to the answer she gave. Having never really struggled in a class, she was ashamed to tell us that she wasn’t getting an A or a B. I’m not sure what she imagined we would do, but we hired a private tutor immediately. ( I know a very good math tutor for any readers in New Tampa or Wesley Chapel.)

Today, the school’s online system shows that she has a B!


She got the one-on-one academic help she needed to get her bearings in Pre-Calculus in two 2-hour sessions. Hiring a first-rate math tutor for my daughter has helped deepen my understanding of the emotions that my Tampa, FL tutoring clients feel when they bring in a private tutor.

It’s also reminded me to listen more carefully and to use the online grade tracking resources that most schools offer parents.

One of my favorite IB American Government tutoring clients complained that he had been telling his son the same things about study habits that I was teaching his son as a tutor. His son ignored him, but listened intently to the same advice from his college admission’s adviser and his Tampa, FL Private Tutor. I thought I understood his frustration at the time. Now I know that I do.

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Tampa Tutor Shares What Students Can Learn From Super Bowl

Posted on 2nd February 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

Focus on the Fundamentals: The NFC and AFC champions do a few basic things very well. Their defenses tackle. Their linemen protect and their quarterbacks read defenses. Before he retired, former Bucs coach Tony Dungy had winning seasons almost every year he coached in the NFL. I still remember how much he talked about playing fundamentally sound football at his post game press conferences.

(Image of Steelers helmet created by Andy Emcee on Flickr and licensed under creative commons attribution only.)

His secret for excellence was doing the basics better than anyone else.

In academics, the most fundamental skills are reading with high comprehension, evaluating evidence and sources, and constructing sound arguments.

These skills are built gradually by putting in the time, by looking up unfamiliar words, by being willing to write a second a third draft of papers. Top students separate themselves from their peers because they have a stronger mastery of the academic fundamentals.

Put in the Time Required:  The athletes in the NFL are an elite group. The NFL has 32 teams, each composed of 53 men. These 1700 athletes are drawn from a country with 150 million men.

Most NFL players are not so naturally gifted that they can compete on game day without having an outstanding work ethic.

Few top students can achieve academic success without working hard.

They don’t skip reading difficult parts of a text. They have the dedication to seek out answers and outside sources when they need them.

Set High Standards: One announcer said the Steelers measure success in terms of Lombardi trophies. They are now the only team with six.

They set lofty standards and expect to meet them.

Average students don’t have any goal beyond doing as well as they can in a class. Excellent students know exactly what they will achieve from day one.

(Image licensed under Creative Commons attribution only and created by San Jose photographer YADH on Flickr.)

Get Expert Coaching: Even the best athletes in the world have coaches. Tiger Woods, easily the world’s top golfer, spends hours with his swing coach. Even AP and IB students can benefit from one-on-one private tutoring.

Just as coaches can help a pro athlete perform better on the field, good private tutors can help a good student become even better in the classroom. To find an English, history, or American Government tutor in New Tampa or Wesley Chapel, FL, call Eric Anderson at 813.787.8959, the Tampa English Tutor.

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