Tampa English Tutor Tips for Tackling Paired Passages on the SAT

Posted on 27th March 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

Paired passages give many students taking the verbal sections of the SAT difficulties. It’s easy to see why students hate paired passages because they require decoding two passages and using higher order thinking to make comparisons and draw conclusions.

The key to scoring well on SAT paired passages questions is to approach them systematically. This is the approach that I teach my Tampa SAT tutoring students:

  1. Read the first passage
  2. Pay attention to tone, point of view, and conclusions
  3. Answer all of the questions that pertain to the first passage only.
  4. Read the second passage–noting the differences in tone, point of view, and conclusions
  5. Answer the questions that pertain to passage two–referring back to the passage as needed.
  6. Answer the passages that pertain to both passages.

Paired passage SAT questions are much easier if you attack them this way. You will not have to try to keep both passages in mind if you attack them one at a time and save the questions about both passages for last.

What other tips have helped you score better on SAT paired passages?

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