Tampa Tutor Commonly Confused SAT Words: Allude and Elude

Posted on 7th January 2011 in Tampa SAT Preparation

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To allude means to make reference to.

The speaker alluded to President Obama’s stimulus package.

The noun form of allude is allusion. She made an allusion to the Bible.

To elude means to escape from. The suspects carrying my flat screen TV eluded police. The adjective form of elude is elusive.

Despite the size of my flat screen TV, the suspects were elusive.

Make sure that you know the difference between allude and elude before you take the SAT Reading or Writing sections.

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Eric Anderson is is a freelance writer and English and history tutor who lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He helps students improve scores on the reading and writing sections of the SAT . Contact Eric at 813.787.8959 or at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com.

Vocabulary and SAT Critical Reading

Posted on 28th December 2010 in Tampa SAT Preparation

I was talking to a parent of one of my tutorees this morning. She was trying to convince her son to dedicate himself to studying more vocabulary before he takes the SAT in a month.

She is right that a lot of a person’s critical reading score is determined by his or her ability to decode vocabulary.

Certainly, vocabulary matters on the quarter of the SAT critical reading questions that are sentence completions, but I find that a surprising number of questions missed in the critical reading are because the student cannot properly decode an unfamiliar word or phrase in the passage or answer choices.

I like to teach vocabulary using a series of books about word roots, but some students also like a series called Vocabulary Cartoons.

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If you are preparing for the SAT and struggling with the critical reading section, work on your vocabulary. Spend an hour a day with one of these resources and your score will climb!

Eric Anderson is an English and history tutor who lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He tutors high school and college students in language arts and history.

Reach Eric by e-mail at Tampa tutor at Tampa bay dot rr dot com. He tutors students in New Tampa, Odessa, Temple Terrace, and Carrollwood.