New Tampa Tutor Offers Help for Struggling Students (And Their Parents)

Posted on 22nd December 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

Here are some thoughts about how to help your child succeed academically if he or she is struggling:

  • Make time for a parent teacher conference: Many times, your child’s teacher will be able to guide you in understanding why your child is struggling.
  • Talk with your child about possible solutions: What does your child say about why he or she isn’t doing well? Ask open ended questions and let your student be part of developing the action plan.

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  • Put tutoring in the proper perspective: Some students are reluctant to get tutoring because they think that getting a tutor is an admission of failure. I like to ask students if they think top athletes have coaches to help them reach peak performance and then ask if they think any less of these athletes for doing everything possible to succeed. Sometimes asking these questions can help a student see tutoring as part of a program for academic success.

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  • Set measurable benchmarks for the tutoring program. If I am tutoring SAT, I ask students to take a diagnostic SAT and provide scores before we start tutoring. By having a baseline, we can set a realistic goal for improvement and develop a tutoring program designed to produce that level of performance. Some parents hire me to bring their child’s grade back up to an A or a B. Whatever benchmark you set, spell it out in the beginning with your child and the tutor you hire.
  • Monitor progress toward the tutoring program’s goals: Most schools have online access to student performance. Although these systems are not always an accurate reflection of performance because teachers vary in how quickly the enter grades into the system, you should still be monitoring performance to see if tutoring is improving your child’s performance.


If you child needs help in English, Language Arts, reading or writing, contact Tampa English and history Tutor Eric Anderson at 813.787.8959. Eric tutors students in grades 6-12 and adults in Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, New Tampa, and the surrounding area.