The Power of Habits: HabitForge as a Tool for Students

Posted on 12th January 2010 in Tampa English Tutor

I read something worth sharing in Power Writing, the newsletter of publications coach Daphne Gray-Grant. Her newsletter is wonderful for anyone who wants to learn to write better and faster. (Her book is on my wish list…)

Anyway, she wrote an article about HabitForge, a new site that allows you to describe habits you want to develop and set daily goals. Each day the site sends an e-mail asking whether you met your daily goal. The site is based upon the premise that it takes 21 days to form ahabit. You get the reminders until you answer yes to your goal questionfor 21 consecutive days.

Photo by Wonderlane and licensed under Creative Commons. See more of her photos on Flickr.
Dog lovers will appreciate her blog post about Christian the Dog Thief.

I am giving the HabitForge a try.

Maybe students preparing for the SAT can use it to build good SAT review habits. I would love to hear from students who are trying HabitForge. Is it working for you?

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