A Gentle Reminder to Web Writers from Gerry McGovern

Posted on 14th December 2009 in Tampa English Tutor

This does not have much to do with tutoring, but I think writers ought to heed Gerry’s advice:

In an age when time is the most valuable resource of all, it is
vital to lead with the need, to answer the question as quickly and
concisely as possible.

Your laptop keeps crashing. It’s driving you insane. You’ve waited for
ages on the phone for support and have given up. In desperation, you
send an email. Here’s the reply you get:

Dear customer,
Thank you for your feedback. We are continuously working to improve
customer satisfaction. Your feedback supports us in doing just that.

Read the rest at GerryMcGovern.com.

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Summer Writing Practice for the Reluctant Writer

Posted on 7th July 2009 in Tampa Writing Tutor

Few people really enjoy writing. Even though I really like to write, I have some days when it’s hard to muster the will to write.

One of the people I am tutoring this summer is a middle school student who hates writing. He thinks clearly and expresses himself well when he speaks, but he does not see the value in learning to write well.

Tutoring him this summer has reminded me that reluctant writers are often reluctant because the exercises in a workbook don’t have great meaning to them.

Image created by Joiseeshowaa and licensed under Creative Commons attribution only license. See more of his photos in his photstream on Flickr.

Finding a way to connect the exercises to something that the reluctant writer feels is exciting makes writing seem much more fun. We all write more naturally and easily about things that we care about.

This week, we spent our time working on writing a process. The workbook exercise did not hold much interest for the student until we started to write a process of our own. I asked him a series of open ended questions and had him tell me about things that he enjoyed doing. He enjoys sports, especially golf and bowling.

We settled on writing about a golf swing. As someone who plays the game, he felt comfortable writing about the steps involved in making a good tee shoot.

If you are the parent of a student who is a reluctant writer, you might consider working with him or her to relate writing assignments to things that he or she is interested in.
Nearly everyone can write better and enjoy it more when writing about a subject that holds strong interest. If you would like to work with a private writing tutor in Tampa, FL to help your son or daughter improve writing, call Eric at 813.787.8959.

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